Seafest Photo Galleries


Seafest Best Dressed... Many people get into the spirit and fun of the festival and dress in theme. If you are lacking in ideas, check out some of the great costumes from pervious years. Check out these images from over the years -     

well dressed girls


Seafest Entertainment...There is nothing better than a live band for a good time!   You will get both at the Big Top Bash on Friday night. Don't tire yourself out too much as there is more of the same on Saturday at the Festival. Our young festival goers are not forgotten, with our festival acrobatic clown. 


Black Velvet

Seafest Hospitality... There are stalls aplenty to suit all tastes for both food and refreshments. You are sure to find many stands to tempt your taste buds. Remember to save room for as much as you can as we have sourced some great new food operators this year.


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