Results Seafest 2011 Judging

Wine of Seafest 2011:
Two Rivers Juliet Riesling 2011

White Wine of Seafest 2011:
Charles Wiffen Marlborough Chardonnay 2010

Red Wine of Seafest 2011:
Fromm La Strada Syrah 2009

Wine with Food Match of Seafest 2011:
Mount Riley Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Best Seafood dish Seafest 2011:
Scallop Skewers from Seafood Delivery

Best Food Dish Seafest 2011:
BBQ German Fare Pork Sausage from Bratwurst Grill

Best Dressed stall of Seafest 2011:
Hedgerow Strawberries

Best Food presentation of Seafest 2011:
Hairy Mussels

Most Enthusiastic Food Stall of Seafest 2011:
Kaikoura High School

Most Popular Customer Food Stall of Seafest 2011:
JP Seafoods – Baby Octopus



Seafest - Media Release 2011

Seafest organisers are rapt with the 2011 Kaikoura festival. “The sun shone, the people came from far and away and they stayed!” says Chairperson Neroli Gold. “Conveners Janice Dreaver and John Macphail have the right to feel 100% satisfied with the results of their hard work. We had many people tell us how great the day was and that it was a world class event and one the community could be proud of."

Early worries of tickets sales due to the Canterbury Earthquake and competing with the Rugby world cup were unfounded with sales exceeding expectations. “We are positive the IRB made sure the All Black game didn’t clash with Seafest and many international visitors enjoyed the day along-side the many New Zealanders that made the trek to enjoy Seafest with the locals!”

Wine and food judges Jim and Wendy Harre, said the wines offered on site this year were a step above previous years whilst the food offered something for everyone taste buds. Over-all food winner was the Scallop Skewers from Seafood delivery whilst in a hot second were the traditional bratwurst pork sausages on offer from Bratwurst Grill. Wine of Seafest was taken out by Two River Juliet Riesling 2011, with Fromm Winery’s La Strada syrah taking out best Red and Charles Wiffen Chardonnay 2010 white wine of Seafest. A new category of best wine to match with food (seafood) went to Mount Riley for their Sauvignon Blanc whilst the Hedgerow Strawberry stall took out “Best dressed” with their vibrant display of produce.

Kaikoura High school, which used the event as a major fundraiser not only took out “Most enthusiastic Stallholder prize” but also won organisers praise of a huge combined effort. “Their effort (and that of the others volunteers) shows the true community spirit that abounds in Kaikoura. From staff to parents and students, their commitment to the event was evident in every step they took. Food preparation and service, gate marshals and waste management was executed with enthusiasm and determination to do the job right”.

Naturally seafood was in hot demand, although organisers stress Seafest is not just about seafood but “the bounty from the land and sea”. Many of the seafood stalls sold out much earlier than expected due to demand and the issue in some areas, of supply. “We had to make a huge effort just to get any crayfish on site” says Janice Dreaver “as all the suppliers had caught their quota very early on. It’s the nature of the beast. If the catch is there and the market will allow it then the fisherman are going to fish their quota”.

Cstumes once again created a fantastic festive atmosphere. Naturally there were pirates but standout costumes included a walking whitebait fritter, Pacman (actually pacwomen!), seaweed and Barbie and Ken. Best costumes results will be posted on