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Nelson's best kept secret!

'Humble beginnings and a love for our kai brought my fathers recipe marinated raw fish to your plate

from there we grew to offer kai with passion and aroha........ '  

  Today the whanau prepare and produce kai with an Maori/Asian flair.....we create almost anything with a strong emphasis on seafood - what our tupuna lived on.  Fresh produce, kaimoana, quality meats are sourced and organic when we can.  We strive to deliver the healthiest foods for the well being of whanau.  No added preservatives, additives, colourings, artificial sweeteners are used.  We work on a premise of 4 ingredients or less for each dish and all must be as natural as possible.















Seafest Cuisine




Seafest Cuisine Entertainment

for 2015


Jax Hamilton is definitely returning  this year as Cuisine MC.


Last year, you enjoyed the flavour punch, lots of tasting, and fresh inspiration that Jax always offers with her cooking demonstrations.  Jax  infused her signature style in a menu of Kiwi classics, adding extra flavour and passion into her creations.

This year, Seafesters can soak up the vivacious Jax as she returns to host guest chefs. Foodies will have a great time in a revamped Cuisine area. Not to let her fans down, Jax will finish the day with a demonstration of her own.

Jax' working motto of ‘giggles and nibbles’ will keep you entertained all day. 

Those who sit in on the cooking demonstrations will enjoy both, in abundance!


"I love Seafest. I love the whole vibe. It has such a cool, family feel.    I arrive and everyone is so welcoming...everybody waves and says ‘how are you?’ like we’re one big family."


Guest chefs and demonstration times advertised soon