Jax in full culinary swing at Kaikoura Seafest in 2012.





 Jax delighting the audience in the demonstration tent during the 2013 Seafest.




The Cuisine Tent

Jax Hamilton returning to Seafest in 2014  

Due to popular demand, Jax Hamilton will return to her "home away from home"


The vivacious chef can’t wait to participate in the atmosphere created during  Seafest. When asked if it took long to decide whether to return she quickly replied 'No'. "I demonstrate at only two festivals each year...one of them is WOMAD and other is Seafest. I love Seafest. I love the whole vibe. It has such a cool, family feel. I arrive and everyone is so welcoming...everybody waves and says ‘how are you?’ like we’re one big family."

"I arrived to New Zealand fourteen years ago and it wasn’t until Janice (Kaikoura Seafest convener) invited me to participate that I had heard of Seafest. I remember thinking ‘where have I been all this time!’”


Where food is concerned, Jax is an inspirational cook, who loves to blend a bit of cockney with a pinch of Caribbean all served up on a kiwi plate.  Jax is known particularly for preparing dishes that are simple, delicious and full of flavor while maintaining the integrity of humble ingredients. 

This year, Seafesters can look forward to a flavour punch, lots of tasting, and fresh inspiration. Jax will infuse her signature style in a menu of Kiwi classics, adding extra flavour and passion into the creations. “My working motto is ‘giggles and nibbles’. Those who sit in on my cooking demonstration will enjoy both, in abundance!”

Another reason to purchase your Seafest tickets today! Get ready for a mouthwatering experience with Jax.